Paul Gabat

Tabletop Role-Playing Game Designer/Writer

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Come join me on a quest!

Welcome! I am Paul Gabat, also known as DMPaulG in streams and social media. I create worlds, tell stories, and bring adventure to your tabletop role-playing games. A TTRPG designer and writer located in the Philippines.

    You can check all of my published work at DMsGuild.com. You may even know some of them, like the best-selling adventure, A Dragon's Breath, or the 2020 ENnie Gold Award adventure for best organized play, Stygia Untamed.

    I am a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition and its organized play system, Adventurers League. Most of the time you can find me at twitter spilling updates on my latest projects. I am also part of a super fun, local TTRPG event organizing group called the Greasy Snitches.

    If you wish to collaborate on a project, Play D&D with me, or participate in talks about TTRPGs, don't hesitate to contact me! See ya!